You've got a LOT going on, Mama.

You dream of having an hour to yourself, or better yet maybe escaping to a retreat.

You juggle all the things for all the people.

You're superwoman, but sometimes you feel like the invisible woman.

Let's change that.

We were raised to believe we could have it all:

We learned that we could be independent, strong and powerful.

All true. All important.

There’s just one detail we didn’t learn: that all the things, all at the same time, are EXHAUSTING. Especially if you’re a perfectionist (ring any bells??).
We work in our jobs and beat ourselves up for not being perfect.
We try to fit ourselves into structures and organisations that value us (more or less).
Some of us leave our paying jobs, our businesses and our professional identity to raise a family.
We try to live into what we think a “good mother” looks like. Or better yet, a perfect mother. Pouring our whole selves into something that is, intrinsically, beautifully imperfect. And beating ourselves up when we aren’t.

So let’s stop it.

Instead, let's consciously choose to step into a kinder, more empowered place. 

A way of being that is more nurturing, more loving to ourselves.
Not once the kids are looked after, the chores are done and the to-do list is crossed off.
Right now. It’s possible for every single one of us. Even you, mama.

No matter how busy you are, you can take tiny breaks.

No matter how many people need a piece of you every day, there are ways to build up your core love supply so it never runs out.
The best thing is that you don’t need to make any major life changes or step away from your family.
You don’t need to buy any supplies or invest masses of time.
And it will only take you a few days (or even less) to start feeling the shifts.
It’s super simple, really. When you commit to yourself and decide that you’ll make microscopic changes, you can totally shift your life and how you feel in the middle of your crazy, delightful universe.
Making those shifts with other mamas who are in the same boat is even more powerful.

Had enough of overwhelm and stress?

What if there was a way you could play, learn and interact with other mamas all around the world while making easy, painless improvements to your life?
What if you could be part of a warm, nurturing community of mamas who GET IT because they’re right there in the muck with you? A community where you’re supported and loved and heard?
A place where you’d never, ever be the invisible woman?

There IS such a place, mama.

It's a haven of self-love, a play-space for your needs and desires.
It’s about to open its doors for the first time, and you’re invited. I'm holding myself back from YELLING ABOUT IT, I'm that excited!
The Centered Mama’s Self-lovathon is a pledge of self-love… a space and time for you to reconnect with your needs, express them and learn to fulfil them yourself.
It’s powerful stuff. Seriously.

Let's not waste time.

The Self-lovathon kicks off on Tuesday August 22nd
Every day from then on, for more than 30 days, the Self-lovathon will take you and other mamas from around the world on a whirlwind of love.
You’ll learn self-love tips and hacks and you’ll come out the other side feeling more nurtured, seen and cared for than you have in a long time.

Here's how it works and what you'll get

1. Register here for the inaugural Self-lovathon and receive daily self-love practices.
2. Join our private Facebook group and instantly meet mamas from all over the world who are craving more time and space for themselves, just like you.
3. On August 22nd you’ll receive your first digi-bundle of self-love goodness: eight practices to play with as you discover what feels best for you.
4. Every week for the next five weeks you’ll get a new bundle. I'll guide you through one new practice per day, and we’ll all share our experiences. It’ll be fun and exciting!!
5. There’ll be a bonus speaker or two, some special gifts that I’ll keep tucked away until you join (they’re so juicy!) and a whole lot of supportive goodness for you along the way.

You decide when to practise your new self-love strategies. Above all, this has to work for you. The goal is less stress and a more balanced you. All goodness.

The Self-lovathon is super accessible.

Since this is the first round of the Centered Mama’s Self-lovathon, I've set a no-brainer price: $66 USD.
That’s less than $2 USD per day, which is less than your daily cup of coffee.
Gorgeous women are already signing up from Switzerland, Canada and the U.K… will you join us too?
The price will go up for future versions of the Self-lovathon, but this time all it takes is $66 for lifetime access to the programme.

$66 for the programme? That's it??

Yes, that's it for now. The price won't stay this low so nab it now. You are worth so much more than $2 per day. Better still: once you're in, you're in for life!

Hesitating? Don't.

Here's the thing: if you don't learn to fill up your cup, you'll burn out.
Plain and simple. No one wants that.
So stop burnout in its tracks by doing something that might feel unrelated: love on yourself, mama.
Don’t wait for someone else to do it.
Love yourself. Actively. Every day. It will change your life.
You'll get to the end of the Self-lovathon feeling more centered, happier, lighter, less resentful and more joyful. 
Your family will feel different, more fluid and light, and your patterns will start to change for the better. 
Join the Centered Mama’s Self-lovathon to learn how, in the company of good women from around the world. You won’t regret it for a second.

Wondering who's behind all of this?

Hello gorgeous mama, I'm Anne.
I'm a mostly solo-mama to two bright sparks, living and parenting in Switzerland far from my home and native land of Canada.
I'm the Founder and Chief Nurturer at The Centered Mama Project and I'll be your guide for the Self-lovathon.
A recovering perfectionist and former exhausted superwoman, I've been all kinds of frazzled and fried.

My Argentine husband and I have been raising our girls in Europe since birth. We’ve got no family around and my husband travels a lot for work.

I’m often a solo mama, while simultaneously showing up as an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, copy writer, personal cheerleader and many other things besides.
I think I should have an honourary juggler's medal somewhere because of all the balls I keep in the air -- probably just like you do -- but if I have one, I can't find it. HA!

A few years ago there was a whole lot going on.
Most of it good but a lot of it supremely stressful.

I burnt out badly and ended up having an anaphylactic reaction to contaminated fish. The doctors told me they’d done all they could and we just had to wait and see how my body would react.

My husband was in Texas, my parents in Canada, and as I lay in intensive care hoping I would live I realised my superwoman cape wasn’t much use to me. I’d isolated myself by doing ALL the things for ALL the people ALL of the time. What I really needed was a village of strong, kind people around me to help when things were tough.

I learned the hard way about self-love and self-care: it’s an inside job.

Four years later I’ve gotten much better at it. I am healthier and so is my family.

I sometimes stumble (hard) and I’m ever watchful of old patterns and stories that could drag me back down into overwhelm.

I’d like to help you climb out of that place too, and set you beside me on the path to feeling better.
We’re so much stronger when we’re in good company, nurturing ourselves.
Let’s do it together.

Click below to join us, you'll be so glad you did.

"Anne is a member of my mastermind and man does she show up for the ladies in there. When she talks about 'no mama left behind', she means it. From the bottom of her heart. I get the chance to work with many women on their journeys to success, and Anne is without a doubt one of the most nurturing, caring and 'I won't stop until you're feeling ok' women I've ever met. The Centered Mama Project is her calling. The Self-lovathon is your first chance to experience it, and her. The work she's put into this is phenomenal and this intro price makes it a no-brainer. Snap it up while you can ladies, you won't regret it.."

Mama & business strategist

"Anne has an uncanny knack of nailing exactly how you are feeling and somehow making it ok. She is deeply caring and amazing at keeping things in perspective with an irreverent look at a mama's lot! I am so grateful to have Anne in my life!"

Mama, coach & mentor

"Through working with Anne I have learned to be much kinder and more loving towards myself. In everything I do. I treat my body with much more grace and my mind with a lot of love and patience. If I ever swerve off the path I recognise it and can get back on with the tools Anne provides. It's not a straightforward road and it needs a lot of work from within but it's so much fun and I have learned a great deal. The best thing is that I have so much more love, understanding and patience for myself and my family. It's like rings on water, the love for life multiplies for everyone around!"

Mama & international dweller

"Anne is a consummate nurturer who is able not only to immediately see the best of you, but to help YOU see that too. She helps you understand that self-care and self-love makes you MORE able to give care and love to others, not less. Her unique blend of no-nonsense and nurturing is a breath of fresh air in the hot wilderness of parenthood."

Mama, aromatherapist & healer

"Anne brings a refreshingly hilarious approach to motherhood mixed in with a dollop of deep nurturing. She makes you laugh even when you are at the point of tearing your hair out. And just when you are feeling at your most depleted, Anne has a way of making you feel like you can face the world again. She is caring to her very core and I would happily trust all my mama filled emotions with her."

Mama, social media consultant & messaging strategist

"Learning to prioritise self-care with Anne's guidance feels really good for my mind and body and it's a good reality check that l give a better me to my family when l treat myself to making space to nourish me."

Mama, singer-songwriter & global traveler


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